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Aug 14 Book Club Study Guide & Questions

Pray before you read for God’s special grace to understand and that the

knowledge will lead you to deeper affection and devotion to Mary!

Also ask Mother Mary’s intercession, she will gladly intercede for you!!

Chapter II

- What are the Five Fundamental Truths of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin?

1 First Truth: 61-67 Read ph.62

2 Second Truth: 68-77 Read ph.68

3 Third Truth: 78-82 Read ph.78

4 Fourth Truth: 83-86 Read Ph.83

5 Fifth Truth: 87-89 Read ph.87

- What is my reason for my consecration and living true devotion to Mary?

- Does my consecration and lifestyle of true devotion give a good example to others on how to love Jesus?

- Do I pray every day for the gift of true devotion recognizing that the gift comes from God and not from myself?

- How does Mary show me how to live a life “hidden with Jesus Christ in God”?

- What are the three reasons we have difficulty preserve the graces we receive? (ph. 87/88/89)

- How does living true devotion to Mary help preserve the graces God have given me?

Chapter III

- What are the seven false devotions St. Louis is describing in this chapter?


- What are the five true devotions? (Ph.106/107/108/109/110)

- What are the eight interior practices? (ph. 115)

- What are the twelve exterior practices? (ph.116)

- What are the four criteria of practicing the exterior devotion? (ph.117)

- Why True Devotion to Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort is the best and perfect devotion? (ph.118)

- How am I practicing interior and exterior practices daily, weekly?

- Am I making progress in practicing true devotion? Am I progressing from exterior to interior and habitual practice?

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