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Aug 28 Book Club Study Guide & Questions

Pray before you read for God’s special grace to understand and that the

knowledge will lead you to deeper affection and devotion to Mary!

Also ask Mother Mary’s intercession, she will gladly intercede for you!!

Study Guide for 8/28/16


Part II Ph. 213-273


Chap III         Wonderful Effects of This Devotion ph. 213


Eight Effects of True Devotion


  1. Knowledge and contempt of self: Recognition of self and Need for God-Ph. 213.

  2. Participation in Mary’s faith: Mary helps us persevere in faith- ph.214.

  3. Deliverance from Scruples, Cares, and Fears- ph.215: We will grow in love of God.

  4. Great Confidence in God and Mary: More Trust in God so God can work in and through you- ph.216.

  5. Communication of the Soul and Spirit of Mary: Spirit of Mary’s Fiat/Joy in us. Effective in New Evangelism- ph.217.

  6. Transformation of Faithful Soul by Mary into the likeness of Jesus Christ: We are made into saints through Mary- Die to self and reborn into Christ through Mary- ph.218.

  7. The Greater Glory of God: Mary is the Echo of God. Following Mary we bring more glory to God- phs221-225.



  1. How has my devotion to Mary changed my life?

  2. What do you want to happen more in your life as you devote yourself deeper into Mary’s faith?

  3. If you ever were afraid of God, how Mary helped your fear into love of God?

  4. Do I suffer from scrupulosity?  To what degree?

  5. How has the lifestyle of the true devotion led me to a greater trust in God’s providence for my life?

  6. What does it mean to say Mary is the Queen of my heart?

  7. How does Mary transform me more and more into Jesus Christ?

  8. What does it mean to be lost in the abyss of Mary’s interior?

  9. How do I take pleasure in Mary’s dispositions and not in my own? What obstacle do I encounter trying to practice?



Chap IV          Particular Practice of this Devotion


Exterior Practices-

The goal this practice is to bring glory to God and to edify neighbors- ph.226.


  1. Preparatory Exercise and Consecration: Sign of Fidelity- ph.227. Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary explained in phs.228-233.

  2. Recitation of the Little Crown of the Blessed Virgin- first published in1630 by a French priest.

  3. Wearing of Little Chains- outward expression of being a slave to Mary- ph. 236

  4. Special Devotion to the Mystery of Incarnation: Holy Slavery-Jesus became a prisoner in the womb of Mary- ph.249

  5.  Devotion to the Hail Mary and the Rosary- ph.249

  6. Devotion to the Magnificat: It is the greatest sacrifice of praises which God ever received from a pure creature- ph255.

  7. Contempt and Flight from the world: Don’t live a worldly life- ph256.



  1. If true devotion to Mary is the essentially interior, why St. Louis explain the importance of exterior practices are important?

  2. What kind of exterior practices I am already engaged in now and what am I planning to do more to increase my interior life of Mary in me?

  3. Regarding the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, why do I have to rid myself of the spirit of the world? How does the spirit of the world influence me?

  4. What is the goal of first week? Second week? and the Third week?

  5. Have you ever consecrate yourself through this formula St. Louis suggesting?


Interior Practices- ph.257


  1. All by Mary: Do all things in obedience and in the spirit of Mary- ph258

  2. All with Mary: She is our model of true faith, humility, and purity- ph260

  3. All in Mary: Do all things through Immaculate Heart of Mary which is New Paradise- ph261

  4. All for Mary: Become a slave of Mary- ph265

  5. Manner of practicing this Devotion when we go to Holy Communion- ph.266

    • In preparation- ph.266

    • At the communion- ph. 267

    • After the communion- ph.270-271

            Read ph. 273.


  1. How do I behave according to her spirit of meekness, zeal, prudence, humility, courage, purity, and fruitfulness?

  2. What are the 4 effects of doing all things in Mary described in ph. 264?

  3. What are the 4 ways we can prepare for Holy Communion in ph. 266?

  4. What is the ultimate GOAL of True Devotion to Mary?


 Credit:  Some of the questions are taken from “the Echo of God” by Fr. Lance Harlow

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