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Valley Catholic,

February 2015


"Something Divine is happening here, said one of the parishioners." There was a huge crowd gathered at Our Lady of Peace Church in Santa Clara.  It was the Feast of the Solemnity of Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. It was also the day of Consecration to Jesus through Mary of the almost 4,000 people who signed up for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary program at Our Lady of Peace Church.


The Church was packed with people who arrived hours early to get seats.  Although additional seats were lined up outside the Church in the grassy area, many chose to stand inside the church to be part of the group.  People came from all over the Bay Area and faraway places to be part of this event.  The special event was very solemn, some shed tears.  "I couldn't help but shed tears."  It has been a very rewarding experience." These were some comments expressed by the attendees.

The special mass was the culmination of 33 days of preparation for Consecration to Jesus through Mary, the St. Louis de Montfort way.  The preparation included attendance to weekly Spiritual Talks based on St. Louis de Montfort's book True Devotion to Mary and the recitation of daily preparation prayers led by the IVE Priests and Sisters.

Several days before the event, many peole lined up at the church for confession.  Special Confession times were added to the already packed confession schedule.


The miracle of this event was the conversions that happened through this program.  Some who have not gone to confession for many years were moved to avail of the sacrament.  A renewed spirit of living the Consecrated life to Jesus has become a goal of many. Jesus came into this world through Mary, what better way to come to Jesus than through Mary?  Indeed, the parish of Our Lady of Peace Church has been blessed.







(Ed Horodko featuring Glenda Dubsky)

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