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Aug 21 Book Club Study Guide & Questions 

Pray before you read for God’s special grace to understand and that the

knowledge will lead you to deeper affection and devotion to Mary!

Also ask Mother Mary’s intercession, she will gladly intercede for you!!


Now we are moving unto Part II.

In Part I, St. Louis discussed the Theological and Scriptural basis of the True Devotion.

In Part II, St. Louis described what is our part in this true devotion and how Mary interacts with us in our devotion to BVM. These section of the book is the longest but very inspiring.

Part II           

Perfect Devotion to the BVM

Chap I

Nature of Perfect Devotion to BVM or Perfect Consecration to Jesus Christ

Read Ph. 120 as a primer


Article 1

A Perfect and Entire Consecration of Oneself to BVM

Read Ph. 121 and 122.

  • Do you give everything to Mary through this consecration?

  • What area of your life do you still have difficulty surrendering to her?

Article 2

Perfect Renewal of the Vows of the Holy Baptism

Read Ph. 126



  • How do you live everyday with Jesus as your Master and Lord?

  • Has your Baptism truly changed your life?

  • How does Mary help you renew your baptismal promises in a perfect manner?

  • How does the practice of true devotion make your prayers more effective for those living and deceased?

  • How will your consecration to Mary aid you after death?


Chap II

Eight motives/reasons of the Perfect Consecration (Longest chapter)

  • First Motive- Ph.135-138

  • Second Motive- Ph.139-143

  • Third Motive- Ph.144-150

  • Fourth Motive- Ph.151

  • Fifth Motive- Ph.152-168

  • Sixth Motive- Ph.169-170

  • Seventh Motive Ph.171-172

  • Eighth Motive Ph.173-176



  • How do you imitate Jesus’ humility when you give myself completely to Mary?

  • How has the practice of true devotion enabled you to grow in greater humility?

  • How have you stripped yourself of all that is dearest to you?

  • What does it mean that Mary gives her whole self to you?

  • How does Mary’s example of giving everything over to Jesus affect your attitude towards possessions, both material and spiritual?

  • What does it mean in paragraph 150 that Mary repels no one, however little and wrenched he may be?

  • How does Mary lead you without obstacle to Divine Union with Jesus?

  • Comment on how Our Lady is “a perfect way” to Jesus.

  • How does the lifestyle of true devotion give you freedom to be a son or daughter of God?

  • What prevent you from experience inner peace?

  • What are the ways in which the true devotion helps you to persevere in virtue?

  • Why does St. Louis compare Mary to Noah’s ark in Ph.175?

  • What makes Mary such a safe depository?


Article 1


           Ge.25: 19- 34 Ge.27

           Story of Esau, Jacob, and Rebecca

           What is the Mary’s action on behalf of the elect?

Article 2

Five characteristics of how Mary loves her children (Ph. 201,208, 209, 210, and 211)

Mary leads her children to holiness in four ways: through repentance, mortification, purification, and formation.




  • Why does Mary love her children? Why does she love you?

  • How does Mary love her children? How does she love you?

  • Share your personal experience.

  • In what way did Mary first inspire you to make the consecration to Jesus through Mary?

  • How does Mary defend and protect you in the spiritual warfare?

  • When do you seek her protection?

  • Why is intercession the greatest good that Mary performs for her children?



Credit:  Questionnaires are from “ The Echo of God” by Fr. Lance Harlow.

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