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Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

Oakland Diocese 2023
Guide for Priests

What happens at mass on Consecration day? 


The churches are encouraged to provide a mass in the evening to accommodate those who are working.  

Plan ahead and inform your parishioners of the Consecration Mass in your parish. Participants are supposed to bring their Act of Consecration Documents with them. (The document is in the books, and will be emailed.)  Participants may hand-write their Consecration or they may print out the document.

The Act of Consecration documents differ between adults and children. However, please have some copies of the Consecration Document available in your church since many people forget their documents.  Please have them available in both English and Spanish.

If available, you may place the Blessed Mother statue or image in the front or you may include the Blessed Mother’s Statue during the Entrance Procession with flower offerings.

The priest’s homily will be based on Consecration to Jesus through Mary, or Living the Consecration.

The music will include Marian Hymns.

After the homily, the priest will request the participants to recite their Act of Consecration in this order:

    1. Spanish Children
    2. English Children
    3. Spanish Adults
    4. English Adults

At the end of mass, the priest gives a ‘call to action’ requesting people to invite their families and friends to do their Consecration.

It would be great if lots of incense be used at the mass. 

Expectations from the pastors

Read the Consecration Materials, and participate if possible.

Promote the program through homilies.

Post the flyers provided in Bulletins, Boards, Social Media, Flocknote, etc.

Refer people to the website: for registration and information

To further encourage your parishioners, you may, or you may assign a person to lead the daily prayers after the morning mass. If so, please inform your parishioners so they can attend.

Where to direct questions

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