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Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

St. Isidore Church
Yuba City, CA 

  1. Purchase your book online through Amazon or other before
    November 5.

    Book Title: 33 Day Consecration to Jesus through Mary
    Inspired by St. Louis Marie de Montfort
    Compiled by John Pridmore and Nial Slattery

  2. Begin the Consecration Preparation prayers by reading the specific pages of the book assigned in the schedule sheet provided. Start with Day 1 on November 5, until you complete 33 days. The prayers should be said on the dates specified at your preferred time and place. If you miss a day, try to catch up by reading the day you missed as soon as possible. You will also be receiving daily emails with the prayers.

  3. To enhance your Consecration, you are highly encouraged to follow the links to listen to the Consecration Talks that will be in your daily email.  

  4. Go to Confession within 8 days before or after your Consecration Day.

  5. Your Consecration Day is on Thursday, December 7, the VIGIL of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Come to mass on this day at the St. Isidore Church, at 6:30pm We will all say our Act of Consecration together at the mass. (If you are unable to attend the special Consecration Day mass, you may attend any mass on that day/night.)

  6. Receive Holy Communion on Consecration Day offering yourself up as a slave of love to Jesus through Mary.

  7. During this preparation period, try to do some works of mercy, visit the Blessed Sacrament, read the suggested readings, or do some small sacrifices like fasting, etc. to enhance your preparation for Consecration.

  8. After Consecration Day, continue to apply the learnings from your Preparation for Consecration by living the gospels in imitation of the Blessed Mother.

For more information:

Contact for English:  Cathy Marsh (530) 844-3303

Contact for Spanish:  Evelyn Danko (530) 923-8207

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