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Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary Program

The Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary Program is based on St. Louis de Monfort’s book True Devotion to Mary. This program consists of 33 days of prayer and exercises which help purify souls to prepare one for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. In this program, there are two different periods assigned to these exercises:

  • The first period includes 12 days of exercises employed in casting off the spirit of the world which is contrary to Jesus Christ.

  • The second period consists of 3 weeks: the first devoted to the Knowledge of Ourselves, the second devoted to the Knowledge of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the third devoted to that of Jesus Christ.

The program also includes going to Confession prior to Consecration and Holy Communion on consecration day with the intention of giving oneself to Jesus Christ as slaves of love by the hands of Mary.

Information and instructions will be provided at the start of the program.

In addition to the prayers and exercises, there will be Spiritual Talks every Saturday following the first day of prayers and ever Saturday after until Consecration Day.

Prayers can be recited at one’s preferred place. You may register online here

Actions Required

Purchase your book online through Amazon or another bookseller.

Book Title: 33 Day Consecration to Jesus through Mary 
inspired by St. Louis Marie de Montfort
Compiled by John Pridmore and Nial Slattery

The daily prayers will also be emailed to you. Daily prayers and

meditations take about 15 minutes per day.

All Consecration Participants will consecrate together on the designated Consecration day for your church. Come to mass at this day and we will consecrate together. Go to confession within 8 days before or after (if in a state of grace.) Receive Jesus through Holy Communion on this day. 

Dates and Registration

Recommended Books

  • The Secret of Mary – St. Louis Marie de Montfort 

  • True Devotion to Mary – St. Louis de Montfort 

  • Secret of the Rosary – St. Louis Marie de Montfort 

  • 33 days to Morning Glory – Fr. Michael Gaitley

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